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Lancaster Wines

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Swan Valley Western Australia

from 10am to 2pm

Lancaster is a popular location for wine tours visiting the Swan Valley.

Bookings are not required for groups of 7 or less and tastings can be undertaken between 10-5pm.

For a group of 8-19 people we offer wine tasting or wine and cheese tasting.

For groups of 20+ we offer a self pour consumption package. For groups of 30+ we offer a minimum of 2 self pour consumption packages.

Please complete the booking form and your booking date. A time will be confirmed and you will be sent a payment link.

All tours are to be paid 14 days prior to your visit.


(For groups of 8-19 Wine Tour or for groups 1-19 a Wine & Cheese Tour)


(For groups of 20+ )

Note: One consumption package will provide each person with approximately 225ml each, which is equivalent to a glass.
For for groups over 30 people, two consumption packages are required.

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For tours of 30+, please select 2 or more packages above

Booking Terms

All tours must be prepaid in full 14 days prior to the tour date using our tour cart. Link details to purchase your selected tour will be provided once you submit the form above and availability checked by the Lancaster staff.

Please Note: No refunds will be provided on Lancaster wine tours if cancelled within 14 days of your chosen date.