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There are 5 simple ways to order from Lancaster Wines, you can even purchase from the comfort of your own home via our online shopping cart.

You can order wines in multiples of 12 bottles (mixed or straight cases)...

The Shed Club

Become a member of the Lancaster Wines Shed Club and you will receive 12 outstanding wines delivered to your door every 3 months at a fantastic discount on the normal tasting shed price...

You can save up to $412 when you become a Lancaster Shed Club member.

Bus Tours

Tours @ Lancaster

Each tour is taken through the wine tasting by a lancaster staff member whilst standing alongside some of the oldest vines in the beautiful Swan Valley.

Welcome to Lancaster Wines

Located on the banks of the Swan River, Lancaster boasts some of the oldest vines in the Swan Valley. These vines produce Lancaster’s outstanding wines including Chenin blanc, Verdelho, Chardonnay, the legendary Old Vines Shiraz as well as the beautiful dessert wine – Late Picked Chenin.

Surround yourself in the vineyard experience, take your place at the bar of the famous outdoor tasting shed and enjoy tastings of Lancaster’s premium wines, together with a selection of local gourmet cheeses.