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Wine Fundraiser can help with your next fundraiser...

• Many fundraisers receive donations in excess of $1,000

Lancaster Wines Wine Fundraiser is easy...

• You select the wines from our range of wines supplied exclusively by Lancaster Wines.
• The not-for-profit or charity group members order wines direct from a dedicated online shopping cart from Lancaster Wines
• Lancaster Wines will process all orders and payments, and despatch your wine to one delivery point
• Lancaster Wines makes a donation to your fundraiser.

"Wine Fundraiser has been Atwell Colleges World Challenge Ecuador Teams best fundraiser to date. The wine was amazing and we received a donation over $3000 from Lancaster Wines!

We have run other fundraising events but Wine Fundraiser makes raising money so easy with very little time wasted organising or planning. After our success with the first fundraiser we are back to run another fundraiser just before Christmas ".

Niki Atwell College

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